Looking around other Colchester based website designers I would find it hard to decide which web design company best fits my needs – which may explain why you’ve ended up on our “About us” page. I’ll explain how we work and our pricing mode and leave you to decide if we’re a good fit.

RPL is a family business formed almost 20 years ago after I decided to “retire” from my design job in London and start a family. We don’t have (or need) Colchester town centre offices and working from my home office in Highwoods means lower overheads and lower prices for you.

With some notable exceptions, most of our competitors don’t include pricing details on their websites? I always like to have a ball park figure in mind before I pick up the phone to discuss a project or ask for prices so, with that in mind, I put together this rough guide to website pricing. All prices exclude VAT but do include standard website hosting for the first year:
You can save money by looking after your own website housekeeping but if you’re busy or not technically savvy our website management packages really make sense. Our “Essentials package”, as you would expect, takes care of the essentials which includes daily checks and updates, weekly backups and more. This frees up your time to focus on adding content, winning new customers or even go on holiday without worrying about website maintenance. Our Enhanced and Premium packages combine more frequent backups with some cool extra services. Most the extra services are also available as one-time WordPress support services so you can take your pick when you need them and stay in control of your budget.


Without you, there wouldn’t be an us. All our website design and support services are aimed at small to medium sized local businesses and organisations. Many of our customers depend on us for backup and technical support. We’re OK with that so long as customers meet us halfway and choose a website maintenance package that reflects the importance of their website (and our support) to their business.


If you just need a new website we can help – and like dozens of other local web designers, we’re happy to do that. However, if you are planning to attract news business or website visitors we have the extra skills to help you achieve your aims. The majority of our customers are referrals and our instinct is to over-deliver – it’s normal for us. Our interest in your website doesn’t end when your new website goes live.

Since you’ve made it this far down the page maybe we are a good fit? Why not get in touch and start a two-way conversation?

RENEGADE PUBLISHING TIMELINE (OK, I just wanted to play with this module)

About us and Joe Connor Local Business is Our Business…

Hi, I’m Joe Connor, a real person, unlike most of the web designers in the local directory listings with empty profiles which tell you nothing. We have actual skills and experience which can help your business or organisation make an impact locally and to a wider audience if required. How do you know who to trust? There are many talented web designers who don’t have a clue about SEO, advertising, marketing or even business in general. Staying power helps build trust – check out our twenty year timeline. Did I mention I hand coded my first website in hieroglyphics back in ancient Egypt? Trust me I’m a web designer!

about us Joe Connor 1980sThe Renegade Publishing Logo

Back in the 1980s, before we had kids, it really was all about us. I was working as a product designer in a design consultancy in London and a member of the Chartered Society of Designers (MCSD). This photo, taken after sunrise at East Mersea by my wife, is the photo I used to create the Che Guevara inspired RPL website logo (we offer logo design if you need it). As you can see from my current photo I haven’t changed at all – so there’s no need to update the logo!

about us and AtariComputingThe Truth is Out There – Somewhere!

Based on the copywriting skills I had learnt writing articles for national computing magazines I was appointed editor of Atari Computing. Renegade Publishing Ltd was formed on 12 January 1998 to produce magazine until just after millennium. As a magazine editor I learned the editorial, advertising and management skills needed to produce a magazine from a bunch of files and images. I used the same skills, when RPL transformed into a “new media agency” to publish websites for our own projects and our first local customers.

about us cantBarsed.comOur First Commercial Website

CantBarsed.com was one of the first in-house RPL projects we published around 2000. It was one of the first UK shopping portals and also one of the first promotional code websites. We became skilled affiliate marketeers, learning SEO skills and PPC advertising from the ground up. We used the skills we’d learnt to help our local website customers and we still offer those services today.

about us RPLFirst Renegade Publishing Ltd Website

We were so busy getting our own website online wasn’t a priority. Back then Nominet were still posting paper domain certificates which always seemed odd. The website provided a contact point for media interest in our commercial websites and served as a support channel for our local customers.

Champagne Christmas

Affiliate sales peaked at Christmas. Our SEO skills found the sweet spot and our Google PPC adspend reached new heights – even Google sent us a Christmas card and a gift. RPL was ASOS affiliate of the year shortly before they dumped us, along with most of the affiliates which had helped make their business successful, the obviously didn’t care about us, lessons learnt.

about us and DCTVRapid Expansion

Based on the success of CantBarsed.com we purchased dozens of websites. DiscountCodes.tv successfully rode the UK wave of discount code fever. BillyBargain.co.uk, a multimedia comparison shopping site (still live today) and many others.

about us when it went bangThe Big Bang – Winter’s Coming and it’s All About Us!

In April 2011 Google deployed the Panda update, followed by Penguin a year later. With the benefit of hindsight it’s clear Google killed our business model with those algorithm updates. We wasted a lot of time and money trying to salvage our commercial websites but at least our local customers stuck with us and we still look after most of them today.

about us and ADDucationLight At The End of the Tunnel?

Once we had figured out what Google did and didn’t like we were able to move forwards with our own projects again. I was on the lookout for a quality content focused project. Adducation.info (think “Wikipedia Lite”) is a list site we launched in partnership with Tusitala Verlag where you can “Read Less, Learn More” – check it out!


To quickly develop good working relationships with our customers based on our experiences of what works well. As a result we can adapt and integrate ourselves into your workflow and get the job done with the minimum of fuss.

Increasing Revenue

More sales on e-commerce stores and more website traffic in general is our main mission.

Better Usability

We’re not happy until your website works how you expect it should.

Better Search Results

Our SEO team can audit your website to ensure all your webpages are indexed and optimised for your target keywords.

Beautiful Design

Stylish looking designs (like this one) come as standard.


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