One-Time Fixed Fee WordPress Support Services

WordPress Site Speed Audit

WordPress Support Service: From £35
Standard WordPress installations are not optimised for speed and it’s a key Google ranking factor. A slow website can damage your search engine ranking positions. Our site speed audit will generate a website benchmark report along with an action plan which explains how to get your site loading faster.
This could include moving your website to a different server, changing hosting settings, changing caching options and other manual changes. You can act on the report yourself or ask us for a quotation to make the changes for you. If we make any changes following a site speed audit we will deduct the £35 from the total cost of the audit.
Why not order a WordPress site speed audit today?

Secure Your WordPress Website and Domain With an SSL Certificate

WordPress Support Service: From £35 (or from FREE with Premium Support)
Installing a SSL certificate on your domain encrypts data transmitted between browsers and web servers. If you take payments online or display any sensitive customer information on any webpage you need an SSL certificate today!
SSL WordPress support
There are various levels of SSL certificates (the higher the level the more they cost) but our basic level Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is enough for most customers which gets you:

  • The green padlock icon in the web browser, which in turn results in…
  • Google love! Having an SSL certificate installed is already a Google ranking factor.
  • Trust from site visitors that notice you take their security seriously.


WordPress Theme Change

WordPress Support Service: From £60 Plus the Cost of the Theme
One of the key features we love about WordPress is the ability to re-theme an existing site whilst retaining all the content.
Unfortunately not all themes are created equal so we cannot offer a fixed price for this service.
There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose between, priced from free to hundreds of pounds, and you generally get what you pay for. We have website developer licenses which allow us to offer premium WordPress themes from Elegant Themes and StudioPress that typically cost between £50 and £100.
Premium themes are much more likely to be regularly updated to remain compatible with future WordPress releases and enjoy ongoing support by the WordPress theme developer.
Our WordPress theme change service includes theme installation and configuration using any available theme customisations, ready for you to fine tune. Any subsequent or additions customisations will be charged separately. To get started:

  • Find a theme you like and place your order.
  • We will assess your existing WordPress installation for compatibility and give you a quotation OR explain why the theme isn’t suitable along with alternative options.

WordPress Security, Backup & Performance TuneUp

WordPress Support Service: £35 or FREE to new web-hosting customers
You can upgrade WordPress automatically by logging in and clicking buttons so why would you pay us to do it for you? Here’s a few reasons:

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – right? Wrong!
    Every day updates including new features, performance enhancements and security updates are released for WordPress core files, plugins and themes. Because WordPress is popular it’s also a target for hackers. The longer you delay updating WordPress the greater the risk of running into problems or, worse still, being hacked.
  • WordPress Sites Sometimes Just Break!
    WordPress updates and upgrades sometimes don’t go smoothly.
    Minor revisions (e.g. v4.8 to v4.8x) are usually OK but there’s no guarantee. The bigger the version change and the longer you leave it the bigger the risk. It could be the theme, the plugins, configuration files or server issues. We can fix them all, usually without losing your data. If you don’t know what you’re doing £35 is a small price to pay to update WordPress.
  • Too Scared to Click the Update WordPress Button!
    We know that feeling! If your WordPress site breaks it’s nice to know we can normally resolve most issues in minutes. We’ll also do our best to resolve any conflicts between your theme and/or plugins and report any remaining issues to you.
  • WordPress Blank Screen Or Fatal Error Message
    We can usually restore WordPress admin access without losing your data. Once access is restored we’ll update WordPress, your themes and plugins, check eveything is working and make a remote backup. It’s a great deal!

This WordPress Security, Backup and Performance TuneUp Service Includes:

  • WordPress Core Updates
    Updates to all core WordPress files.
  • Update WordPress Plugins
    Any paid plugins that have expired or cannot be updated, will be reported.
  • WordPress Themes Update
    Any paid theme updates that need to be renewed and/or cannot be updated will be reported.
  • Malware & File Security
    We’ll scan your WordPress installation for malware.
  • Website Speed Optimisation:
    • Caching plugin: To help web pages load faster (a key Google ranking factor)
    • Image compression plugin: Automatic lossless image optimisation so images load and display faster.
  • Database Optimisation
    WordPress databases store changes and as the database grows in size your website slows down. We’ll install a plugin to keep the bloat under control and keep your website running at peak efficiency.
  • Complete Off-Server Website Backup
    We’ll create before and after updates backups of your webspace and database/s on remote cloud based storage.
    We’ll also give you 7 day access links to download your backups which can also be used to restore the WordPress website anywhere, including our web-hosting services.
    Why not use this service to migrate to us?

Move Existing WordPress Website Anywhere

WordPress Support Service: £65 (or FREE for new customers moving to our web-hosting services)
We can move any existing WordPress installation anywhere. You won’t lose your data and we’ll minimise any downtime. To move a WordPress website we will need:

  • Access to your domain registrar account to make DNS changes. Alternatively you can make the required changes yourself.
  • Temporary WordPress admin access (we have a plugin you can use to grant us temporary admin access without sharing your login details) so we can backup the database and website. Alternatively you can supply us with a complete website backup (to include database and web page content in a suitable archive format) and we’ll take it from there.
  • Destination hosting details. If you’re moving to our services we’ll already have the details and we’ll move your website FREE and update WordPress at the same time – a further £35 saving!

WordPress BackUp Service

WordPress Support Service: £35 (or FREE to new customers moving to our web-hosting services
It’s important to make regular offsite backups so you can recover from unexpected hosting or security issues. Suitable backup files can be used to restore a website, without losing content, with the minimum downtime. Here’s how it works:

  • We install and configure a premium WordPress backup plugin to your WordPress installation.
  • You connect the backup plugin to your preferred backup storage option (Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive etc. or you local webspace).

WordPress Basic Search Engine Optimisation Setup

WordPress Support Service: £35
Two key elements of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are:

  • Creating posts/pages that will be correctly indexed in search engines.
  • Understanding where your website traffic is coming from so you can attract more site visitors.

This service will help you ge those basic SEO elements in place:

  • We install and configure a WordPress SEO plugin which help you create search engine optimised posts and pages.
  • We install and configure a Google Analytics plugin so you can learn where your traffic is coming from.

On-site WordPress Training Session

WordPress Support Service: From £99 (subject to availability).
Three hour onsite WordPress training session.
These sessions are aimed at complete beginners and assume no knowledge of WordPress. On request they can be adapted to suit your level of expertise and cover any specific WordPress related task. Following the session you can expect to be able to log into WordPress, create. edit, save and publish a page with images to the live website.


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