A Website Management Package Is Essential. Here’s Why…

  • Most of the websites we create and maintain are powered by WordPress which is a secure platform. However, like any software application, WordPress and its third party themes and plugins, all need to be regularly updated to keep everything secure, fix bugs and add new features.
  • Sadly this website, your website, the hacked websites that make the news headlines – and those that don’t, are all under daily attack from hackers. All our website management packages are designed to keep your website secure or, if the worst happens, we’ll get your website live again.
  • As you’d expect the more you pay the more you get. The Enhanced package adds weekly backups, proactive housekeeping tasks and speed tweaks. The Premium package adds daily backups, faster hosting, hand-crafted website tuneup, priority support and premium plugins that add up to a lot more than the extra £100 a year!


Essentials Package

(£8.25 per month)
£99/ Year
  • All WordPress Core Updates
    Essential for website security, bugfixes and enhancements.
  • WordPress Theme & Plugins Updates
    Essential theme and plugin updates for security, bugfixes and enhancements.
    Paid themes and plugins which require manual renewal and/or upgrades are not included and must be renewed by the website owner/admin.
  • Monthly Website Backups
    Installation and setup of a Premium WordPress backup plugin.
    Complete backup of your website and database/s to your local webspace.
    Your website can be rolled back to your choice of up to three monthly backups.
  • Basic Website Restoration
    If your site is inaccessible for any reason, including hacking, we will make every effort to recover and secure your website for the reduced rate of £25 per hour.
  • Basic Website Speed Optimisation:
    Caching software to make web pages load faster (a key Google ranking factor)
    Automatic lossless image optimisation on upload so images display and load faster

Premium Package

(£16.58 per month)
£199/ Year
  • ALL Essential & Enhanced Package Features PLUS:
  • Priority Support
    Your support requests will take priority over other customers.
  • Premium Website Hosting
    Your webpages will load faster – which is a key Google ranking factor.
  • SSL Certificate (Green Padlock)
    All data between the web server and web browser is encrypted – a Google ranking factor. Essential if you take payments online or display any sensitive customer information on any webpage.
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN)
    Your content and images are cached across multiple servers worldwide so your webpages and content loads fast anywhere in the world – even if your website is temporarily offline.
  • Hand-Crafted Website TuneUp
    Installation and website tuning using a premium caching plugin to ensure web pages load as fast as possible and a report so you can see the improvement.
  • Daily Updates to EVERYTHING
    Updates to WordPress core files, website themes and plugins as they are released and hands on intervention to resolve any security or compatibility issues which could take your website offline. Any issues we cannot resolve will be reported.
    Any action required will take priority over other support levels.
  • Daily Website Backups
    Complete backup of your webspace and database/s to remote storage for ultimate peace of mind. Your website can be rolled back to the most recent daily OR weekly backup.
  • Pro-active Malware Security Scans
    Any reported WordPress and known security issues will be pro-actively resolved. Any issues we cannot resolve will be reported. We can also run a malware scan if you notice any issues.
  • Daily Broken Links Scan
    Ensures your content can be found by search engines. Any broken links will be repaired, where possible. Any issues we cannot resolve will be reported.
  • Daily Spam Removal
    To help keep your website running at peak efficiency.
  • Daily Database Optimisation
    By default WordPress edits are auto-saved so the database grows ever-larger and runs more slowly. To keep your website running at peak efficiency we retain the three most recent database revisions (more on request) of all posts and pages and remove the rest.
  • Website Restoration
    If your website is down and/or the admin area is inaccessible for any reason, including hacking, we will do our utmost to recover and secure your website. If that’s not possible we will restore your website to the last available DAILY backup, scan for Malware, and update your account login credentials.
  • Custom Design, Coding & Technical Support
    Occasionally WordPress themes and plugins, especially on e-commerce sites, will require manual intervention, coding or hosting and server related changes.
  • 1 Free Support Hour Every Month
    Premium support includes up to one hour (worth £50) of free support per calendar month.
    If you don’t need support one month the unused hour will be carried over up to a maximum of 8 hours – which can also be carried over on Premium Support renewals.
    Our standard hourly rate is £50 so Premium Support offers peace of mind AND rewards our loyal customers.


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